The 5th hole here at Wachesaw East is known a “Boundary” as trees run along both sides of the hole from tee to green forming a boundary around this challenging par 4.  We are taking a look at how to best play attack the hole and hopefully score par or better.

Looking down the fairway off the tee golfers will not see any place to “miss” due to the trees lurking on either side.  The member tees have this hole playing 373 yards so those are the tees we are going to talk about.  Driver is the choice for us, although some players may feel better with a fairway metal to ensure keeping the ball in the fairway.  That will make for a longer approach to the putting surface but they will be in the short stuff.  The line to take off the tee is the right center of the fairway.  That will keep the fairway bunkers on the left out of play and set up a good look on the second shot.

Once in the fairway, players are now looking at a second shot to a fairly large green that is protected on the front right by a grass bunker that is waiting to gobble up errant shots.  This shot is a bit uphill so it is very important to make sure to use enough club to get to the green.  The shot will always play longer than the yardage indicates.  Any balls that end up in this front collection area will lead to a very tough up and down opportunity so players need to avoid it if they want a good score.

Now onto the putting surface we go!  To have a shot at birdie golfers need to obviously try to be on the right part of the green where the flag is located.  There is a slope that runs toward the front right of the green and the grass bunker.  If shots end up on the wrong part of the green players can be left with a very challenging putt.  Par is a good score on this hole.  Anything better than that is a huge win for golfers.

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