The par 5 7th hole is one of the more challenging holes at Wachesaw East.  The double dog-leg makes golfers really think about where they want to position both the tee shot and the second shot in order to have a good look at the green when playing the approach shot.  Not may golf holes present this situation so players really need to pay attention to how the hole sets up before each shot.  Today we will give our thoughts on how to play this great golf hole.

Named “Far Away”, the par 5 plays 530 yards from the member tees.  These will be the tees and yardages we discuss as they are the tees that most golfers play from.  On most golf holes it would seem obvious to say that a straight tee shot is important, but in the case of No.7, it really is important.  The left center of the fairway is the target from the tee box.  This allows for the best angle for the second shot down the fairway.  Players must be careful not to go too far left as there is a large fairway bunker waiting to gobble up wayward tee balls.  The left side is also lined with trees all the way to the green complex.   Left center is the perfect spot.

From this spot in the fairway, golfers have a clear look down the hole to the second dog-leg.  A shot just past the corner to the left side leaves the best angle into the green.  However, that also brings the tree line into play so it is a risky shot.  There is room on the right side, but golfers need to be careful not to go through the fairway and into the bunker that is about 80-90 yards from the green.  The problem with the right side is the angle into the green is not as good.  The approach shot will have to go over a large greenside bunker that covers the center and right-hand side of the putting surface.

The good news is no matter what side of the fairway players end up on, they should only have a short iron or wedge left for the approach.  Be sure to pick enough club and hit a solid shot to the center of this squarish shaped green.  Par is a great score on this tough par 5.  Any golfer should feel pretty good if they walk off the green with a 5 or better to write on the card.

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