The 6th hole at Wachesaw Plantation East is a solid golf hole that presents a good challenge to golfers.  The fairway is framed fairly tightly all the way to the hole.  It also has a few fairway bunkers that players have to deal with.  The hole measures at 357 yards so the length of the hole is not really a problem for anyone.  Hitting the fairway from the tee is the most important shop if the hole.  A good tee ball leads to a mid to short iron in hand to go into the green.

The look down the fairway from the tee box is a little intimidating.  The bunker should not come into play for most golfers as they should be able to clear them.  It is more to help the visual effect of the hole than anything.  Driver or fairway wood should get golfers beyond the bunkers and out to the fairway.  Driver is the aggressive play, but 3 wood or less is probably best for most golfers for the control factor.  It will leave a longer shot into the green but at least it will be in the fairway.

From the fairway golfers look at a large green with water behind it.  Club selection is important to not be long.  A good tee shot will have left players with a short iron or mid iron at most.  In order to have a shot at birdie players need to pay attention to which side of this large green that the flag is on.  A cross green putt on a green as large a No. 6 is not an easy task.  That being said golfers want to be aggressive and attack the flag.

Once on the green golfers need to be aware of the subtle swails and breaks in this large surface.  A two putt par is a great score if that is what we can get.  Golfers should rush to write that score down on the card and move on the the next tee.  Anytime golfers can grab a par or better on a narrow hole they should rejoice and move on the the next hole.

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