Wachesaw East will be aerating the golf course on June 15th, 16th, and 17th.  During this time period, the golf course will be closed.  This “necessary-evil” is beneficial to the golf course’s root structure, which aids in healthy turf conditions.  Most golf courses aerify putting greens every year, while other courses also aerify fairways, tees, and rough.

The four main reasons of aerification is to:

  • Relieve soil compaction.
  • Enhanced drainage.
  • Energize root growth.
  • Control organic matters.

By relieving soil compaction, chemicals such fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides can reach the root structure of the grass, in order to create a healthy environment.


Wachesaw East will reopen on June 18th and we plan on the course being fully healed by July 1st.